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20 December 2008 @ 10:22 am
Secret Santa - Time to give your gifts  
Hello everyone!

Christmas is coming by and that means all 25 Secret Santa participants will have to give their gifts and expose themselves as someone's Santa.

As a lot of people will possibly be busy on the 25th, I'm opening the 'Give Your Gift' post right now so you can give it in advance.

You still have until December 25th to give your gift, no worries.

How this is going to work:

1) Every participant has to answer that entry with their personal journal.
2) When December 25th comes by, find your giftee's comment and answer with your own personal journal, giving them their gift. You can do that in advance if you wish to.

As of now, Secret Santas can give their gifts away.
Catwoman: ooc - squee!
More random than crack... I fail D: Happy Holidays!
meowminx on December 21st, 2008 08:49 pm (UTC)
Selina had admittedly been a bit surprised by Silk's -- no, Laurie's -- friendly overtures after the whole Carnage... incident. She knew that she hadn't exactly been Miss Congeniality herself during the whole jail investigation. Honestly, she wasn't all that used to dealing with women as friends. Well, except for lesbians.

Still. Laurie hadn't exactly seemed like a bad sort, friendships with homicidal freaks and strange blue nudists notwithstanding. And Selina wasn't exactly the type to spit on a hand extended in friendship.

Okay. Maybe she was exactly the type. But it was the holidays. She could be generous. It was with this in mind that she typed an invitation over the communicator.

*Laurie, want to do some Christmas shopping?*

The affirmative response she received telepathically fifteen minutes later made Selina half-wish she hadn't sent the damn invitation in the first place.


"What do you think of these?" Selina held up a pair of tall leather boots. Sleek, flat heel, the right amount of flex. "Just a bit more practical than those heels you wear."

The older woman took the boots from her. "These are really nice."

"And not yellow." Oops, was that out loud? Well, the woman was a telepath. She probably would've picked it up anyway.

Luckily, Laurie just chuckled. "Yeah, I've been thinking about updating my look."

"It's not exactly..." Selina tried and failed to think of a polite way to finish the sentence.

"I've never liked it that much, to be honest." Laurie actually looked a bit sheepish, focusing on the footwear instead of her shopping companion. "My mother was actually the one who came up with it."

For possibly the first time in her entire life, Selina was almost glad her own mother was dead.


Laurie insisted that they stop in a grocery store they passed. She bought a large case of sugar cubes, then took it to customer service to see if they could gift wrap it.

Selina didn't ask.


They grabbed lunch at a little deli they found. It was packed, but finding a seat wasn't a problem. Selina smiled at a young man, who seemed a bit flustered by the attention. She let a hint of threat creep into the smile. He skedaddled.

Laurie, who was used to intimidation involving the sound of bones breaking, didn't even notice.


"Have you ever been involved with a woman?"

Selina paused chewing her sandwich for the briefest of moments. "Is that an offer?" she asked after swallowing.

"No, I was just..." Laurie waved airily as if brushing away the question. "You could say I got an offer."

"Take it." Selina missed having lesbian friends. Bi would be better than nothing.


They spent almost an hour wandering around one of those little stores filled with strange trinkets and knick knacks that everyone always wanders around looking at and no one ever actually buys.

"You'd think it would be easier after all these years." Laurie rummaged through a huge bin of very random buttons. "But I'm pretty sure the government had a think tank to figure out the present thing for Jon." A small laugh. "They always picked out the presents and paid for them. Even wrapped them from me. How am I supposed to know what to give a demigod?"

Selina, who was wondering what was appropriate to give an alternate-reality version of your billionaire sometimes-boyfriend, shrugged. "Hell if I know. Gift card?"


Many hours and purchases later, the women were finally ready to call it a day. Belatedly, Selina wondered if she should have gotten a little something for Laurie. Not that they were exactly friends per say. But maybe the whole shopping trip was--

"Money. Now." The would-be mugger was young, obviously new to this. Nothing beyond a knife and a bad case of the jitters.


Selina grinned and stepped aside. "He's all yours," she told Laurie. "Merry Christmas."

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love! thank you!!
Catwoman: lightning roars
meowminx on December 22nd, 2008 01:25 pm (UTC)
Glad you like it! :D